Diary of a Celiac

Monday, July 23, 2012

This is how life should always be!

Happy Monday everyone!
What an amazing day today.  The weather was very hot but we had an evening rain which cooled things off.  Enough that my husband and I were able to go out walking!  It is the first time we have really walked for exercise in a long long time.  It was so nice to have that time together to plan for the future and talk about our concerns with each other. 
I made a new recipe for dinner tonight.   Mia's Domain | Real Food: Slow Roasted Smoked Paprika Molasses Pork Chops

I think it came out pretty good.  I prefer not so sweet so next time I make it I will probably cut down a little on the Molasses or the Honey.  I also think I will shorten the cooking time by 1/2 hour.  It seemed just a tad drier than I prefer.  I made this for my Husband, my daughter and her boyfriend.  They all agreed that they were a little dry.  I used pork chops that were about 1/2 inch thick.  So maybe if they were 1 inch thick the 3 hour cook time would have be better.

I love trying new recipes and look forward to trying more recipes for Mia's Domain!

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