Diary of a Celiac

Monday, July 23, 2012

This is how life should always be!

Happy Monday everyone!
What an amazing day today.  The weather was very hot but we had an evening rain which cooled things off.  Enough that my husband and I were able to go out walking!  It is the first time we have really walked for exercise in a long long time.  It was so nice to have that time together to plan for the future and talk about our concerns with each other. 
I made a new recipe for dinner tonight.   Mia's Domain | Real Food: Slow Roasted Smoked Paprika Molasses Pork Chops

I think it came out pretty good.  I prefer not so sweet so next time I make it I will probably cut down a little on the Molasses or the Honey.  I also think I will shorten the cooking time by 1/2 hour.  It seemed just a tad drier than I prefer.  I made this for my Husband, my daughter and her boyfriend.  They all agreed that they were a little dry.  I used pork chops that were about 1/2 inch thick.  So maybe if they were 1 inch thick the 3 hour cook time would have be better.

I love trying new recipes and look forward to trying more recipes for Mia's Domain!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Traveling paleo and gluten free!

So . . . . I have been traveling lots over the last few months.
We cruised with Princess cruise lines.  After we boarded the ship, I checked for when I could speak to the dining staff.  I went and met with the matride' and reviewed my dietary requirements.  I think it made dinner less worrisome as I knew how they handled special requirements.  They presented me the next nights menu at each dinner and I was able to select what I would like and they prepared it and or modified it so that I would be able to enjoy the meal!  I definitely did not stay on Paleo for the entire trip.  It is pretty unbelievable how quickly how non paleo food affects my digestion!  Princess cruise lines did an amazing job with the wait staff and dining requirements.  I have cruised a lot over my life and this is the first cruise that I have been on that I did not gain weight!  It is sooooo amazing.

In June we sailed with Carnival Cruise lines  and we pretty much handled it the same way.  I was definitely a little more concerned about them meeting my dietary requirements because it was Carnival.  But, I was pleasantly surprised!  I did not have a single meal that made me sick!  I think that it is partially because I am making better personal choices about my foods!  Again, no weight gain!
So we are in July now and I am 7 months into being gluten free and I am now down to 147 pounds!  It is so amazing to me how gluten affected my weight, I am sure poor food choices played a part as well.

I am going to start the 21 Day Total Transformation  by Robb Wolf on August 12th.  I have never been one to exercise much, this will be another big change for me. 

Some of my favorite blogs are
Against All Grain She has an amazing Bread!!!!
Every Day Paleo
Wheat Belly Wheat Belly is by Dr William Davis.  He has also written a book titled  Wheat Belly.
I definitely recommend this book.  It really will give you some insight into our foods, specifically grains.
I am constantly looking for recipes to try and I will try posting the ones that I really enjoyed!

Thanks for reading.  If anyone reading has any recommendations for the 21 day Total  Transformation please feel free to comment!